Writing Sample: MediaSorce White Paper

This white paper was written for MediaSorce, a company that I contributed to for nearly a decade. Our services -- consulting, organizing, databasing, and software development -- helped media managers (film, video and associated content) organize and efficiently manage their collections. As the era of online content bloomed, the rush to digitize analog media became an economic incentive, as media owners were seeking to monetize their dormant collections.

The following essay is the result of years of thinking about the real world challenges we  encountered among our clients. One of the biggest hurdles was that companies and organizations have differing business processes and demands. Lack of standards also creates many different scenarios, with personnel at one company organizing and managing a collection in a much different manner than those at another company. These reasons, among others, are why an off-the-shelf approach will never satisfy a client with particular needs. Think of it as a salad bar; in the real world, an array of choices in greens, toppings and dressings are available, but it is as if "the salad law" had done away with it all and given everyone a plain lettuce salad with oil and vinegar. Everyone can still eat a plain salad, but it will not fulfill all of their demands.

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