About Me

Dear Reader,

I'm an experienced professional in marcomm and project management (from operations to trade shows and events) with strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills. Whether managing business projects or writing, an analytical approach forms my basis and has led me to some unexpected destinations. One of the interesting journeys was in 2003 when, on the basis of an essay I wrote, I began participating in seminars and panels on media. I met many interesting people with a diversity of views, all grappling with new media while trying to maintain a grip on old media, sorting out topics that continue to be contested.

While the bulk of my professional career derives from the tech industry, since the late 1990's I have balanced this with non-profit work. The latter has addressed some of my interests in media, local government and sustainability which builds upon my belief in organized, strategic community localism as an economic and social engine, extolled in the work of Michael Shuman and practice of entrepreneur Alice Waters, among others I admire. As of 2017, I have two projects: an educational tech endeavor, and a community based event slated for the winter of 2018.

A snapshot obviously never tells the full tale, but I hope that the content here provides the impetus to connect. Toward that goal, my resume as well as writing samples and letters of endorsement can be accessed in the sidebar, and I thank you for your time while welcoming your inquiries.

Best regards,